Helping you get back on your feet since 1987
Steenwyk Custom Shoes & Orthotics specializes in manufacturing custom made footwear to address the specific needs of individuals with structural foot deformities and special mechanics deficiencies.

Custom Footwear


Custom Footwear


Custom Footwear


Custom Footwear

Work Boots

A patient with polio

With these stylish custom made boots I am able to carry my young children again!

A diabetic patient with partial foot amputations

I can't believe it! I put these boots on and for the first time the pain is gone and nobody can tell that they are custom made!

A patient from Calgary

With my additional specially designed waterproof bathing/swimming shoes I can now walk on the beach and even go swimming in the ocean.

Craftmanship You Can Count on

Combining modern technology and handcrafted care since 1984.

We design and manufacture footwear and orthoses for biomechanical foot conditions. If you have debilitating foot condition, please consult your physician, and we can help provide footwear or orthoses prescribed in a medical treatment plan.

Choose Your Shoes

Steenwyk is an official distributor for Choose Your Shoes