Use & Care of Orthotics

Breaking in your New Orthotics

It may take a couple weeks for you to feel fully comfortable wearing orthotics. Some people are immediately comfortable wearing them, while others need more time to adjust. Generally, the body does not adapt to change rapidly, and you may experience mild aches or fatigue when you first begin to wear orthotics.

Wear the orthotics as long as they are comfortable. If they bother your feet, take them out and try them again a few hours later. Increase wear time as they become more comfortable. During the first week, do not wear your orthotics while playing sport, during workouts or other strenuous physical activity in the first week of use. After two weeks, you should be completely comfortable wearing orthotics for all activities. If you are not comfortable, call our office for a follow-up or adjustment appointment. Adjustments to new orthotics are no charge for three months. Normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the owner. The life expectancy of foot orthotics 2-5 years depending on type of orthotic, maintenance, body weight and activity level.

Our Guarantee

We extend a 12-month guarantee against breakage on polypropylene (rigid) shells. Rigid or semi-rigid shells of other material are guaranteed against breakage for 6 months. In the event of breakage, the orthotics will be replaced without charge.

We make no guarantee as to the desired therapeutic effects of foot orthotics. However, we do guarantee that our orthotics will perform as prescribed and can be worn comfortably. We will make any necessary adjustment or a total remake at no charge within the first 3 months.

Please Note: All policies described on this page are those of Steenwyk Custom Shoes & Orthotics and do not necessarily reflect the practices of other vendors.

Orthotic Adjustments

Since orthotics are manufactured in your absence, they may need some fine tuning to maximize their effectiveness. There are no additional charges for adjustments to new orthotics (3 months).

Care for your Orthotics

Orthotics can be washed with mild soap and warm water, and air dried. Keep away from high heat sources (e.g. space or base board heaters, dryers, fireplaces etc.) Do not machine wash or use harsh chemicals like bleach.

Orthotics Repairs

Orthotic repairs vary depending on the type of orthoses you have received. Rigid: Under normal circumstances, the rigid shells and plastic parts should not need repair.

  • Semi-Rigid/Soft: The orthotics will wear at a varying rate depending on activity levels and body weight
  • Components: Top covers, extensions, heel posts, etc. will wear out at a varying rate. These can be replace quickly, and at a reasonable cost.
  • To maximize the effective life of your orthotics, we advise that you return them to us between 18 to 24 months for inspection and necessary repair.