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Steenwyk Custom Shoes & Orthotics specializes in manufacturing custom made footwear to address the specific needs of individuals with structural foot deformities and special mechanics deficiencies. Our primary focus is on specialty orthopedic footwear to accommodate bony, structural deformities of the feet and lower leg due to congenital deformities and system conditions (i.e. severe arthritis, diabetic Charcot feet).

Comfortable footwear demands detailed attention to fit. Research has shown that if footwear does not fit properly, it doesn't matter how good the materials and components are, the shoes will not be comfortable. Steenwyk's Customized shoes provides an exciting new alternative; to give consumers ideal fit in a premium quality shoe - at an affordable price.

Terms you might encounter

Custom Made – a device that is manufactured from raw materials. In the case of a custom foot orthotic or custom made footwear, the term custom made can only be used when a three dimensional image of the foot is used to capture bony alignment and shape, and the device is manufactured from raw materials.

Custom Molded (non-casted) – a device molded directly to the foot from raw materials that are warmed until soft. This device can be further modified and used to provide cushioning, pressure relief, redistribute load and accommodate deformity (a self-molded product is not considered custom molded).

Customized – a pre-fabricated/over-the-counter device that has been modified by the addition or deletion of material in order to modify movement or accommodate pain or dysfunction.

Pedorthic Assessment – the assessment of lower limb bony alignment, movement pattern, general function of the foot, and the interaction of the foot with the rest of the body. Typically a Pedorthic Assessment includes a history taking, bony palpation, range of motion testing, gait analysis, and footwear consultation.

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